Stein Speaker Match Plus

Stein Speaker Match Plus
Marca: STEIN Music
Código Producto: Stein Speaker Match Plus

Steinmusic Speaker Match Plus is a special matching element to bring to perfection the interplay between amplifier, speaker cable and loudspeaker

Usually the result is a handier, more articulate sound image across all frequencies, which tends to be mellower and less strained.

In addition to the original Speaker Match the “Plus” Version uses a technology based on quantum physics which helps to improve the sound even further. Also the stability of the fine walnut housing is sonically positive.

The use is simple: Steinmusic Speaker Match Plus is connected at the terminal of each loudspeaker in parallel to the speaker cable.  Here the red wire has to be connected to the positive pole and the black wire to the negative pole. Since the wires have already been fitted with Swiss-made hollow banana-type plugs made from beryllium-copper connecting is a breeze.


First, switch off the amplifier. If you use speaker cables with banana-type plugs, please disconnect the cables first. Now connect a Speaker Match to each terminal.  The banana-type plugs are hollow from the backside to accept the original plugs of the speaker cable again. If your speaker cables are fitted with spades in most cases you will find additional retainers/sockets for banana plugs in the clamping screws. Sometimes these are covered with removable plastic plugs. Such plastic plugs may be removed with a sharp object (a knife or something like that).

Should none of these two possibilities work at your loudspeaker you may also get them factory assembled with spades. However you may also remove the banana plugs of each Speaker Match by cutting it off with a wire-cutting pliers very close to the plugs.  Now strip the insulation from the red and black wire by about 10mm. After that you have bare wires to clamp it at the terminals of your loudspeakers according to the actual needs.

We wish you great pleasure while listening to your most favourite music at a higher level of sound.