Stein H2 Harmonizers

Stein H2 Harmonizers
Marca: STEIN Music
Código Producto: Stein H2 Harmonizers

The new Steinmusic Harmonizer Signature series is a result of extensive research and development by the company is 2014. It combines work on quantum physics together with the techniques of the Harmonizer system. This new series of Harmonizers adopts the latest developments, the Quantum Organizer modules (QH).

Available in Black or White, the package is supplied with 1x H2a and 1x H2b Harmonizer H2a and H2b Harmonizer. Both devices use similar technology in identical looking cubes. However, their internal structures are completely different, with significantly different effects. When used in combination they complement each other perfectly. In addition the package comes equipped with 2x Black Stones, the Black Stones behave as "repeaters" to intensify the effectiveness of the Harmonizers.

Harmonizers now also have an integrated thread in the bottom plate, where you may directly mount stands or wall brackets. As standard, the package is supplied with wall brackets. Alternatively there is the option of stands which have been completely redesigned, using a 12mm round polished metal bar and a black lacquered 20mm MDF base with rubber feet that are fine for all kind of floors.

The devices now operate solely from 4x AA batteries, Alkaline AA batteries last more than two years with the Harmonizers permanently switched on (while the LED is off), Lithium batteries up to 8 years.

How Do They Work?

The PDF Steinmusic manual for the Harmonizers describes their function as "elongating the air molecules" – i.e. "charging" the air in the listening room in a manner that facilitates the transmission of musical energy through the room. It seems to be suggesting that this charging of the air molecules means that when the speaker output enters the listening room space it does not have to overcome the inertia of uncharged/un-elongated air in the room.