Stein Blue Suns

Stein Blue Suns
Marca: STEIN Music
Código Producto: Stein Blue Suns

The Steinmusic Blue Suns are the ultimate enhancement to the Steinmusic Harmonizer system. The Blue Suns have increased effectiveness over the Blue Diamonds by a factor of five.

The Blue Suns are made of carbon-filled epoxy resin with nine active elements in an exactly balanced ratio. Skilled placement impacts image size in all three dimensions. Used with the Harmonizer system, they are capable of achieving an excellent result.

Steinmusic Blue Suns are the latest development of the Steinmusic Harmonizer System, and have a very strong impact on good room acoustics. They work best in combination with the Harmonizers, but already used alone are very helpful. Blue Suns will give good results directly when mounted in the room, however the perfect placement will improve things in a significant amount, so that we suggest to take some time to optimize the placement. We suggest the use of some good recordings of unamplified instruments and natural voices, as here it is easiest to guess the closest to reality proportions.