Marca: RUI BORGES Turntables
Código Producto: RUI BORGES ULTIMO

Trile Chassis. 25m/m Celeron rigid chassis hand made in Switzerland.
Sub-chassis with a decoupling aluminium table, 8m/m glass and a laminated support for the suspension.
Semi rigid elastomers suspension in three points by special rubber with an like air cushion.
20mm acrylic, aluminium supported armborad.
High precision integral bronze bearing.
The shaft is made of hardened Ø16m/m diameter stainless steel shaft with a Ruby, decoupled from the shaft The base of the bearing is in aluminium, with decoupling hard special thrust.
Ø305m/m diameter machined aluminium Platter.
2º platter in acrylic, decoupled aluminium record spindle with no contact with the shaft or the sub-platter, THIS IS AN UNIQUE FEACTURE.
Aluminium motor block.
DC motor.
Separate power supply, providing high stability rotation.
Independent pitch adjustments for 33 1/3 and 45 rpm by 20 turns potentiometer.
Wow-and Flutter unconditionally stable.
Belt drive transmission All parts are machined.
None of the materials are cast made
Platter weight: 7,6Kg plus 2,7Kg of the sub-platter.
Dimensions: L.56,5cm H.16,5cm D.49,5cm
Total weight: aprox. 60Kg
Finish: Piano black and aluminium
Possibillity of upgrade to a Flyweel