MSB Platinum Stereo S201

MSB Platinum Stereo S201
Marca: MSB Technology
Código Producto: MSB Platinum Stereo S201

S201 Amplifier
(Stereo AMP)


True Balanced (XLR)
Input Impedance 36kOhm

Single-Ended (RCA)
Input Impedance 18kOhm

Input Sensitivity:
2.15 Vpp @ 200W
  (High Gain +34db)

4.3 Vpp @ 200W
  (Low Gain +28db) 

Common Mode Range:
+/- 20 V

Max. Linear Input Range:
5 Vpp

Max. Input Voltage:
20 Vpp

All Bi-Polar

0 Negative Local Feedback
0 Negative Global Feedback

Damping Factor:

Signal to Noise Ratio:
>120 dB

Power Rating:
200 Watts at 8 Ohms
Capable of driving
a 2 Ohm load

Static Power Consumption:
320 Watts

Filter Capacitance:
249,600 uf 

Single 1000W Toroidal Transformer.   

17.5" wide
12.5" deep
8.5" tall (including feet)
75 LBS

Control Features:
Switch for Balanced or Single-ended operation.
Lighted switch for Standby and Power 
Jack for remote power on and off.